RES701 Journey


A journey of some students to find out how to do research under guidence of Clare Atkins.

We are about to end of our subject in next few days. Most important is I’ve learned alot throughout my semester period such as, how to read an academic paper which I had never about before. Moreover, some interesting things, how to check the credibility of the academic article, paper or any document and the ethical guidelines of research.

Although, I saw improvement in my thoughts to see credible things in comparison to my first day in Res701. Even though, in this subject, Clare improve not only my research skills, but also inculcate the necessary thinking within ourselves to tackle and figure out every day problems reasonably. Also, the due date of assignment one of Res701 is on November 4, 2016.

At last, I am feeling blessed that I studied under her guidence and learned alot. Many many thanks to Clare and my class mates for reading my blog post and encourage me to put a comment on to the blog posts.

I would request to all my class mates to share their valuable thoughts on Res701 journey.


How challenging is designing a home page of a website?

About three or four decades ago, no one even imagine technologies goes so far and people are going to spend most of their time online whether it could be via desktops, mobiles or by tablets. Even though,  the usage of technology is sky-rocketed from past decade and ‘Web Development’ is the one of maximum used technology everywhere.

When a visitor enters into a website and firstly he/she interacts with the design of the website i.e. how’s it looks like and it just not about header, content, sidebars, and footers. Most importantly, your home page is the only webpage, who is addressing your whole website such as different web pages i.e. blog page, contact us, about us and much more.
website layout design

However, it is around asking the correct and appropriate questions and making sure these questions are going to implement to tour website. Although, it’s about discovering the solutions to that problems and transfering it all together within a coolest and beautiful design. For instance, in the figure below, their is a header, sidebar which is a form to create an account on facebook, and a footer. Moreover, the web designer makes a simple design of a home page and also, it is easy to understand for every user.


Every time there are some question that comes into the mind of web developmer like:
1. What should I do to make my website attractive and memorable?
2. How do I make sure that my website visitors will contact us through email or mobile using contact us page form.
3. How do I make sure people will stick with the home page?
These are some questions which is necessary that you need to think before designing a home page for users.

Web developer always ask questions to himeself like:
1. Who are going to be my audience or who comes to my website?
2. Are these users or visitors all are same or are they from different age groups?
3.Can the visitor easily contact me?
4. How can the visitor and I stay in touch with each other?
5. What next step should the website visitor take so I can help to solve their issues?

What Should You Consider in Your Website Refresh?
1. Elements of a Website Header:

  • Logo
  • Tagline
  • Social media icons
  • Search box
  • Navigation menu.

Elements of website main Content:

  • Rotator or static image or Video
  • Upcoming events
  • Promotions and/or deals
  • Site introduction or overview
  • Featured content
  • Recent blog posts

Elements of a Website Footer:

  • Navigation Menu
  • Contact information
  • Site navigation to sitemap, policies, terms and conditions
  • Disclaimers or legal notices
  • Copyright


Video, O. (Director). (Sep 11, 2013). How to design a killer home page (advanced web design) [Motion Picture]. Howto & Style. Retrieved from

Web Design & Web Developement

Today, entire countries are controled by web. Now, every business is organised all over with the use of web technologies. Today’s world is digital and in this digital world, the online existence onto the web is imperative for every buisness and the organization for advertising, promotion and selling their products and services to their international user. However, there is a question “How it will be done” and how a buisness can do online marketing can hit a immense role in the longterm business of an organization. Furthermore, the answer to the above question is having an online existense; by including a efficient website that represents the company’s overall profile and business.

While the terms “web developer” and “web designer” are often used synonymously, they do not mean the same thing. Technically, a web designer only designs website interfaces using HTML and CSS. A web developer may be involved in designing a website, but may also write web scripts in languages such as PHP.
Fig. 1 Fig. 1 Web design and web developement.

Most of people is always confused about these two terms i.e.

1. What is Web design? and
2. What is Web development?

Let’s talk about these two terms:
Web Design: Web design is the process of creating websites. It includes several different aspects, consist of webpage layout, sketches, and graphic design. Websites are created by using a markup language named as HTML. Web designers build webpages using HTML tags that define the content of each page. The layout and appearance of the elements within a webpage are defined using CSS, or also known as Cascading Style Sheets. Therefore, most websites include a combination of HTML and CSS that defines how each page will appear in a browser.
While HTML and CSS are used to design the look and feel of a website. Some graphics programs like Adobe Photoshop even include a “Save for Web…” option that provides an easy way to export images in a format optimized for web publishing.
Fig. 2 Web Design and layout of homepage

Front end developer: The front end developer generally works at client side dealing with the web page design, graphics that is accessible to the user.
Back end developer: The back end developer is a person who is responsible for the back end development that interacts with the server. This type of web developer specializes in the languages like Php,  ASP.Net, Java.
Fig. 3 Sketches of web page
Scope: There are huge opportunities available for students who want to work in this field. Many private and public organizations hires web designer for their online work.With the rapid advent of online industry, the demand of web designer professionals is increasing and this has created a huge job opportunities for the aspirants in the upcoming days. Also an experienced person in this field can also work as a freelancer; there are many online companies which provide online projects to the individuals.
Fig. 4 Jobs Scenario for Web designer and Web developer

Here’s a valuable short talk about The Internet of Things By Dr. John Barrett:

Web Development:
Web development refers to building, creating, and an maintaining websites. It includes aspects such as web design, web publishing, web programming, and database management. Additionally, a web developer may help maintain and update a database used by a dynamic website. Web development includes many types of web content creation. Some examples include hand coding web pages in a text editor, building a website in a program like Dreamweaver. In recent years, content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla have also become popular means of web development. These tools make it easy for anyone to create and edit their own website using a web-based interface.
Fig. 5. Web development and its components.

Talks, T. (Director). (Oct 5, 2012). The Internet of Things: Dr. John Barrett at TEDxCIT [Motion Picture]. Retrieved from



Proposal for Web Designing

Web designer is one who is responsible for planning the entire website’s layout i.e. hows it looks like, creating and coding for the web pages by using his technical skills to produce a website that fit the customer’s or user’s requirements.

There are couple of things that a webdesigner should keep in mind before start creating a website:
1. How the create the web pages layout.
2. How to design a web website by using html, css and php code.
2. How to use css to make the web page looks beautiful by coloring the text and so on.
3. It takes time to make a web page for a beginner.

Moreover,  web designers are involved in the technical and graphical aspects of pages, producing not just the look of the website, but determining how it works. Web designers might also be responsible for the maintenance of an existing site.

Although, the term web developer is sometimes used interchangeably with web designer,
but this can be confusing. Web developing is a more specialist role, focusing on the
back-end development of a website and will incorporate, among other things, the
creation of highly complex search functions.

The recent growth in touchscreen phones and tablet devices has dictated a new
way of designing websites, with the web designer needing to ensure that web pages
are responsive no matter what type of device a viewer is using. Therefore the need
to test websites at different stages of design, on a variety of different devices, has
become an important aspect of the job.

This is a web page of my website i.e. ‘How to make a battery’ that I’ve made for my WEB601 project. In which, I have made a competition page for school kids to take part in competition to learn something regarding their study. Furthermore, after submitting the information asked in this page it will goes to another web page that introducing some multiple choice questions and students have to select a single answer for each question.
Likewise, the goal of this website is to mesmerize school kids by having numerous interesting activities to perform by their own. So that school children will find the website more useful and impressive. Even though, school children will it useful as this website has more interesting activities through which children will learn and enjoy while working on it.


I did add a google sign-in link to my website. While clicking on the link it will goes on to google webpage for signing-up. Google database will check whether the email address is valid or not and then it will redirect to this web page. By this, user has to enter a valid email address to sign up for this website.

Reading Exercise

Week 9, September 13,2016.

1. Did the abstract tell you the three things I said it should? If not, what did it tell you?
Yes,  the abstract described everything we did in class i.e. the research topic, what the
researcher did and the outcome of the article.

2. What seems to be the research question(s) they were trying to answer ?
a. How to make Government website make useful for each and everyone?
b. How to extend the access to disabled people?
c. How the International world statistics highlight the subject of websites accessibility and its importance?

3. What  method(s) did they use to answer the question(s)?
The method used was the latest version of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0).

4. How credible do you think the paper is? (hint: look at who authors are and where and when it is published also compare what they were asking with what they did)?
Aurhor(s):Butt, Marya, School of Governance Utrecht University Utrecht, the Netherlands.
Published by: (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security, Vol. 12, No.
Published date: July 7,2014.
Citation: Only one citation found related to this article.
All of they described everything about the evaluating the accessibility of  the text in abstract, introduction and conclusion seems credible for me.

5. Did you agree, or not, with what they wrote in their conclusion? Why?
Yes, I strongly agree with the conclusion. Moreover, authors conclude that there was some sort of requirements that were needed to be implemented to make the website easily accessible by people.

6.Briefly describe two things that you learnt from the paper.
a. I had never heard about Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) which was used as an indicator in this article.
b. W3C stands for World Wide Web Consortium that was responsible for the website content accessibility.

7. In no more than 250 of your own words (i.e. a paraphrase), describe what the paper is about – you could start with “This paper describes……….”?
This paper describes how to make the three Dutch government websites, that could be easily accessible by the disabled people.
There were different approaches or methods used to evaluate the problem.  Despite, according to (Butt, Marya), the three different phases were conducted in the evaluation process (Vol. 12, No. 7, July 2014).
a. First phase, the selected government bodies was being evaluated for website accessibility.
b. Second phase, feedback from selected government’s web developer.
c. Final phase, highlights on calculating the outcomes usage.
Moreover, WCAG plays an important role in the evaluation of the government websites and TAW, CCA (Colour Contrast Analyser), RIC (Readability Index Calculator) are the online tools that were used in this evaluation procedure. WCAG 1.0 and WCAG 2.0 are the versions of WCAG that have 14 and 12 guidelines respectively which is allot for conformance level that depends upon the importance such as A, AA, AAA. Furthermore, Readability Index Calculator (RIC) is used for the evaluation where the difficult level of the website content is higher.
On the other hand, to make change in websites, the government bodies need people from different age groups and then evaluation process is categorised in three different steps:
a. Tool based evaluation.

  1. Get response from the web developers.
  2. Feedback.

In a nutshell, the outcome of these three websites are categories into errors, warnings and could not reviewed. In conclusion, all the three websites still need more attempts to make the websites accessible by every person.


Finding and Recognising an Academic Article


Title: Result-Oriented Aproach for Websites Accessibility Evaluation.
Author(s) of the article: Butt, Marya.

APA reference: Butt, Marya, School of Governance Utrecht University Utrecht, the Netherlands, (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security, Vol. 12, No. 7, July 2014.

how you found the article and what keywords you used?
– I found it in NMIT Library -> Research Database -> ProQuest central and the keywords, I used was ‘web developer’.

what kind of article it is, ( journal paper, conference paper, masters thesis…..)?
– It’s a Journal Article.

all the reasons that you think it is an academic article?
> It covers the proper structure.
> It includes all the work done with the conclusion of the article.
> Also, the number of pages limited with full detailed about the article.

how well it fits the ‘structure of an academic article’  that I described in my previous post?

  • the title: Result-Oriented Aproach for Websites Accessibility Evaluation.
  • the authors (with an email address and affiliation): the email address was not metioned and the affiliation of the author by School of Governance Utrecht University Utrecht, the Netherlands.
  • the abstract: the article’s abstract had briefly described all the information and discussed the methods and conclusion in the article.
  • the introduction: in introduction, author gave an overview of how and why Government needs to make changes in there websites.
  • a review of other papers relevant to the topic (i.e. a literature review): there are 22 references used to make this article successful.
  • a description of what the research was and what the researchers did?
    The author includes all the relvelant information about the article and different methods used by the author of the article in section II.WEB ACCESSIBILITY GUIDELINES and section III. RESEARCH METHODS respectively.
  • the results of what they did: yes, results are there in section IV. RESULTS.
  • a discussion about what the results mean: yes, author discussed about the problem in section IV DISCUSSION AND ANALYSIS.
  • a conclusion: yes, in section VII. Conclusion.
  • a list of references: yes, number of references were there used by the author.

how many references it has?
There are 22 references in the article.

how many citations it has (if you can find out)?
No citation found.

for articles that you found online,  the url of the article?

say whether you are interested in properly reading the article or not (and give some reasons!?
yes, the article is interesting and Also, this article is from one of my interesting subject i.e. website developing. Moreover, it comprises the information how they knew about the problem and the different methods used to solve it. Despite, web developer is only the one who can make changes in the website and in this article, web developer had made some changes to be accessible by each and every person.


Title: Effective Measurement Requirements for Network Security Management.

Author(s) of the article:
1. Dr. Rabiah Ahmad.
2. Prof. Shahrin Sahib.
3. M.P. Azuwa.

APA reference (give it your best shot!)?
1. Dr. Rabiah Ahmad Department of System & Computer Communication Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM), Melaka, Malaysia Melaka, Malaysia.
2. Prof. Shahrin Sahib Department of System & Computer Communication Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM), Melaka, Malaysia Melaka, Malaysia.
3. M.P. Azuwa Research Department Cybersecurity Malaysia Selangor, Malaysia
(IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security, Vol. 12, No.4, April 2014.

how you found the article and what keywords you used?
I found it in NMIT Library -> Research Database -> ProQuest central and the keywords, I used was ‘network security’ and it’s 5th link in the result section.

what kind of article it is, ( journal paper, conference paper, masters thesis…..)?
It’s Journal Article.

all the reasons that you think it is an academic article?
> It covers the proper structure that we discussed in class.
> It includes all the work done with the conclusion of the article.
> Also, the number of pages limited with all the details mentioned about the article.

how well it fits the ‘structure of an academic article’  that I described in my previous post?

  • the title: Effective Measurement Requirements for Network Security Management.
  • the authors (with an email address and affiliation): yes, the author’s affiliation was there in the article.
  • the abstract: yes, it describes all the article in brief.
  • the introduction: in section I, author gave an overview of why we security is mandatory while using internet.
  • a review of other papers relevant to the topic (i.e. a literature review): yes, related work is in section II.
  • a description of what the research was and what the researchers did: yes, in section III the description of the article and the different methods used in this article.
  • the results of what they did:yes, the conclusion of the article was there in section IV.
  • a discussion about what the results mean: section IV, have the details about why the methods used and the outcome of the article topic.
  • a conclusion:section IV, comprises the conclusion of the article.
  • a list of references: there are number of references listed at the end of the article.

how many references it has?
There are 46 references used by the authors.

how many citations it has (if you can find out)?
No citation found.

for articles that you found online,  the url of the article?

say whether you are interested in properly reading the article or not (and give some reasons!)?
This article is also interesting as it is necessary for a web developer to keep there websited and secure it from unethical users who are trying to get data from your website for their own use.

Web Design

Today, I’m going to tell you my interest in IT is Web Design and the reason is because I like to design a website. Recently, in one of my subject I’ve created a website for my project in WEB601. Further, in the next semester I’ve a project and want to design a website.

Video: What is a web design?(click here)



Web design needs some technical skills to design and for the maintenance of a website. I found it useful and interesting, as before I wants to know, how a website can be made or how a person is designing a website. There are many things to know before dying into it is information that is mandatory for whom your creating a website and what kind of information your going to put in that.

Video: What does a web designer do?(click here)

Moreover, after a couple of months I learned how to make a website, I found it easy to create and easy to access. Also, there are some more important things that a web designer should keep in mind before running it online that how to keep my website safe from hackers. Despite, key responsibilities of a web designer are to make website easy to understand for each user and for every type of communication device to navigate it.

Video: How to become a web designer?(click here)

On the other hand, I’ve less knowledge about Ajax and JavaQuery, but I hope i’ll get it in one of my subject in IT and I haven’t know how to secure a website from hackers .

Source from where I get help is W3Schools(click here)

Blog: Web designer blog post.

News article: Article on web design

Credible Information

1. Digital Citizenship:


1.1 Youtube video:

i. Url:

ii. Youtube search -> digital citizenship.

iii. Video: Digital Citizenship(click here) 

iv. Published by: CyberWise1 which is a channel to share information with students under Education category.

v. Published date: June 10, 2015.

Even though, Professor Howard Gardner, Harvard University gave important information about 5-ethical issues and briefly explain about What is ethical?

The video is credible and delineates the information about digital issues that we may not recognize while using internet. Digital citizen is useful for students and parents both to learn what information we need to keep in mind while using internet.

1.2 News Article:

i. URL:
Link: Digital citizenship(click here).

ii. digital citizen article.

iii. Google search.

iv. Written and Published by: Edutopia.

v. Published date: August 19, 2011.

vi. Updated on: OCTOBER 21, 2015.

Yes, this article is credible. Moreover, this article contributes information about five terms such as internet safety and cyberbullying, media and literacy, digital responsibilities that must keep in mind before using internet. Despite, this article covers all the relevant information about digital citizenship.

1.3 Blog:

Link: Digital Citizenship(click here).

ii. Google search -> digitalcitizenship -> first link

iii. Google search.

iii. Published by: Mike Ribble.

iv. Published Date: Year 2016.

v. It’s a Blog, which is telling about what we need to do to be a good digital citizens.

i. URL:

ii. Google search.

iii. Written by: Tessa Grey.

iv. Published by: Core Education.

v. White Paper.

I found it credible as this article points out why instructor feel less confidence while teaching cyber security and digital citizenship.

2. Virtualisation Technology:

2.1 Youtube:

i. URL:

ii. Terms used: virtualization technology.

iii. Youtube search.

iv. Written by: Siddharthutube

v. Published date: Jan 3, 2010

vi. Youtube video.

I found it credible because this video gives the information about why INTEL designed INET VIRTUALIZATION TECHNOLOGY and how it works with numerous technologies.

2.2 News article:

i. URL:

ii. virtualisation technology news article.

iii. Google.

iv. Written by: Sharon Gaudin

v. Published date: Aug 17, 2016.

Yes, it is credible as it let us know why NASA why they opens a contest to send robots on MARS. The contest is intended to empower development of robots that are capable of working in the harsh environment of Mars.

2.3 Blog:

i. URL:

ii. network virtualization.

iii. Google search.

iv. Written by: VMworld.

v. Published by: August 23, 2016.

This blog covers How Virtualization Will Transform Security Architectures and yes it is credible because the issue is an architectural gap between the applications and data that we are trying to protectfrom some unknown persons, and the infrastructure from which we are trying to protect them. Virtualization could be the key to solving this problem enabling security to be architected-in, rather than bolted on.

2.4 Academic Paper:


ii. window security virtualization paper.

iii. Google search.

iv. Written by: Bradley Morgan.

v. Published on Jan 4, 2006.

vi. Updated on:  Jan 24, 2013.

vii. White Paper.

Yes, it is credible and it tells about security impact of thrests on our systems and to conqour this thrests IT virtualization is the most effective way to facilitating this adaptibility.


Exploratory Research

  1. What is it?

    Exploratory Research(also known as formulative research) is used to explore the research question or the problem’s solution that has been not openly determined. Howevver, research determines to produce a small amount of information that are being used to explore the research. In the present scenerio, we use numerous types of exploratory research to analyze the information i.e. Interviews, Group Discussion, Experiments, Surveys and many more. Moreover, it does not describe the correct answer for the research question but, it will expands the question in depth.

    It is categorised into two sub-researches:

    • Primary research: It is used to collect data from couple of people through surveys, interviews, online feedback.
    • Secondary research: Secondary research is used to gather data through magzines, books and from any source where information was previously stored.

2. What kinds of questions/problems might it be useful for?


  • According to wikipedia, the purpose of this research will be to enhance familiarity with a fact or acquire new insight into it in order to formulate a  develop hypothesis.
  • If the theory happens to be too general or too specific, a hypothesis cannot be formulated.
  • An exploratory research is felt to gain experience that will be helpful in formulative relevant hypothesis for more definite investigation.

3. How could it be used in IT research?

Exploratory Research is widely used in IT research to find out the solutions of a problem. Like, a technical user or client faced a problem of any data loss from his laptop, then he may find out the solution to recover it by explaining the problem with other technical people or gain more knowledge about how to recover it through surveys, interviews and so on.

Let’s try to understand it with an exapmle:

Technologies is advancing by leaps and bounds. When the web developers want to make some changes in online working website like Facebook, then first they need the right information what the users want to have in the website or their interest and then they have to follow some major steps in order to collect some information or data whether they use surveys, interviews, asking for feedback from audiences or by having any other secondary research about the topic.

Surveys: In surveys, there are plenty of people included in this type of research with one topic and the majority of same answers will be considered.

Feedback: Technical clients can take feedback from several audiences by asking for their feedback about the website, whether they like our website or not or want to make any kind of change in the website.

Secondary Research: Secondary research plays an important role in exploratory research as we are exploring some information from other people by using numerous methods. Secondary research is used to analyze information from any article and experiments etc.

4. What are the strengths of the approach?

  • Exploratory research is helpful to refine knowledge of a research question and makes undertanding of a topic more better.
  • Exploratory research is easy and flexible approach to change the direction of research question or topic.
  • Exploratory research is less time consuming as there are plenty of methods used to explore a research topic, question or problem.
  • Although, exploratory research is also used when there is no data or information about anything.
  • Interviews are most commenly used to explore and gain information with the help of exploratory research.

Reference: Strength of Exploratory research

5. What are the weaknesses of the approach?

  • It might be expensive to gather some information from different sources.
  • Exploratory research may leads to failure in research or there were no final decision made after collecting all the information such as experiments.
  • The result may appear into negative after explored every single information.


Web Developer(creativity is contagious, pass it on)

In this week, we have to post a blog corrosponds to our own interest which is relevant to our course i.e. Information Technology and the topic that I am interested in is Web Developer. Let’s have a look why I opt to do Web Developer.


When I was doing my bachelors, we have to learn a basic programming language either it could  be Java, Html, DotNet or Oracle in my six weeks scheduled. After that, I choose html for my six week’s training. As I was doing this for the first time and I found html quite interesting and it made a great impact on me because, during my secondary school facebook is much popular among all of us and I was always trying to find out how to make a website like this and how is it working. After having a basic HTML knowledge, I wanted to study further to gather more knowledge about php. Then after one and a half year, I got the time in my six months training and in that time I had made my own website using php,html, css, javascript,ajax, msql database. After having my own website, I am confident and wanted to be a php developer. That moment i thought why not be a web developer?

  • Who is a web developer?

    A web developer is someone who is responsible to programming the website code and maintain(update, delete, addition) a website. A web designer has the capability to understand, what does a user required and easy for the users to navigate the website and easy to use according to the clients and users requirements.

    Web developer uses different types of coding:

    1. Front-end or Client Side Coding

    2. Back-end or Server Side Coding.

  • What is PHP?

    PHP means Personal home page or Hyper Preprocessor and it is widely used open source scripting language and are executed on the web server. A PHP file contains html, css, javascript, mysql and php code. When a developer using html and php both to make a website then the name given to file with extension or suffix ‘.php’.



    <h1>My first PHP page</h1>

    echo “Hello World!”;


  • What is HTML?

    HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. Basically, HTML is used to create a web page for a website by using css, msql(css is used to decorate fonts and website amd mysql is used to create a database). Also, code for the html tag always open with <html> and close with </html>.

    Syntax: <html>………………………………</html>

  • What is CSS?

    CSS stand for Cascading Style Sheet. A web designer uses css to decorate a web page or a website using style sheet. Different CSS stylesheets can be used for a web page. CSS is categorised into three catories:

    1. External CSS: It is the external seperate file with file extension ‘.css’ which can be modified over and over to make website beautiful.

    2. Internal CSS: It is easy to find internal style sheet as it is listed at the top of  each web page documented before any of the content is placed.

    3. In-line CSS: By this CSS, a web developer can decorate a web page.

    Reference: CSS(click here)

  • What is Javascript?

    Javascript code is written into a web page. Mostly, It is used to change the html attribute. The code that are used for java script is <document.getElementById(“demo”).style.fontSize = “25px”;>

    Reference: Java Script Code

  • What is MySql database?

    SQL means Structured Query Language. Mysql database is used to create a database by using phpmyadmin that I’ve used for my website. MySql database is used to store information. Every organization have one or more database by which they are maintaining there employees, products, orders and customers. THe code to retrieve the saved database is <select * from table_name>.

    Moreover, currently I’m studying in NMIT and my tutors are well experienced and always empower me to learn. Even now, I have subjects i.e. WEB601 in which I’m making a website with five different pages under the guidence of my tutor and also, I am learning about how to create, save, update, delete database in my course DAT501. Even though, one day maybe I become a web developer and will create website for the organizations and multi-national companies.